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New Beginnings

Jessica Luoma

After many months in planning, waiting and praying, we are so excited to launch Wamasaa Project. Several months ago, Regina and I went on an exciting adventure to pick up over 200 bags shipped all the way from Kenya. Little did we know when we showed up at the airport cargo station (who knew there was such a thing) that we would barely be able to stuff four huge boxes into my Subaru. It wasn't until I held the bags for the first time that I realized how amazing this product really was and that it was something I could really stand behind. I could feel the love and hard work poured into every detail. 

Fast forward to 2016 and we are finally here-- ready to show these incredible bags off to the world. Who knows what will happen, but it's not hard to dream when we have such a wonderful little team, a strategic mission to empower Kenyan women to change their community and of course, awesome bags to sell. 

We are so grateful to all who have believed in this project already and to all who will follow us on our journey of changing a community one bag at a time.